New Church Capital Campaign



Amount pledged: $1,389,587.40

Total Collected: $804,709 as of 2/28/2018

Dear Parishioners,

I am grateful to each of you who has faithfully supported our campaign to help us get to the point we are at today. The architects tell us it will take about $4 million to complete the work. Completing the work includes the interior of the Church, driveways, parking lots and landscaping. You can see from what I am sharing with you today that we still have a way to go in raising the dollars we need for our new church. I am also approaching outside sources for donations and we are seeking “in kind” gifts such as brick, steel etc.

If you would like to make a gift or pledge for the Campaign, please contact the Rectory and a member of the staff will be happy to assist you.  

We had success in securing such gifts for the building of our gym and I am praying for the same to happen in building our church. I ask everyone to pray and keep an open mind and open heart as we get our next steps in order and prepare an action plan to successfully complete our campaign and build our new church. St. Jude is our spiritual home and reverent place of worship where God will touch our families for ages to come.

In Jesus,

Fr. Michael



May You Be Glorified By What We Build!

We pray, as we begin
the work of building
a new church, it may be
by your inspiration.
By your holy will
may we bring this work
to completion.
May you be glorified
by what we build.
Let this church, by its beauty,
demonstrate our love for you.
By its warmth,
may it continually welcome
one and all to your presence,
and may it continually
remind us that we are
your church.
St. Jude, pray for us.
St. Joseph, pray for us.

Our Capital Campaign has raised more than $1.3 million toward our

$2.25 million goal! We are encouraged by our progress so far, but we still need everyone’s help to make this beautiful building a reality. 

Has your family pledged yet? 

Please complete your pledge card and return it as soon as possible by mailing it to the parish, bringing it to the Parish Office, or dropping it in the collection basket at Mass.

We have a beautiful plan for a building that will demonstrate our parish’s love for God and for each other – the only thing missing is you!

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