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Proposed Interior Design for our New Church


Heavenly Father,

We pray, as we begin the work of bulding a new church, it may be by Your inspiration.

By your holy will may we bring this work to completion.

May You be glorified by what we build.

Let this church, by its beauty, demonstrate our love for You.  By its warmth, may it continually welcome one and all to your presence, and may it continually remind us that we are Your church.

Saint Jude, pray for us.

Saint Joseph, pray for us.


Planning for the future of the

Church of St. Jude


The investment levels below are offered as a guide in helping you decide what my be affordable for you.  The amounts are based on giving over 3 years.  With shared sacrifice, we will reach our goal.  Regardless of the final amount, your investment in the future of our parish is a great blessing.

Daily                      Weekly                Total Gift

Sacrifice               Sacrifice             Over 3 Years

 $1.43                         $10.00                $1,440.00

 $2.50                         $17.50                $2,520.00

 $3.57                         $25.00                $3,600.00

 $4.46                         $31.25                $4,500.00

 $6.25                         $43.75                $6,300.00

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