Fr. Michael's Gospel Reflections

Dear friends,

In order to maintain the sustainability of the daily reflections, we have decided to release them each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I will be headed to Central DuPage Hospital in Winfield for the summer to serve as an intern hospital chaplain and thus won't be here to film, edit, and post them myself. Other members of our team are ready, willing, and very able to do this - they will simply be offering them less often during the week.

We hope that by bringing them to three days a week while continuing to offer mass on Sundays from St. Isaac Jogues we can sustain them. We have received wonderful feedback from you about them and we want to continue to bring that to you as often as possible. We hope to continue them even after we return to Mass and make this a regular outreach to our people.

Here is the link to yesterday's reflection, which was not posted here (oops!). We will post again tomorrow.


Thank you so much for your patience, understanding, generosity, and witness of faith during these very strange days. United in prayer, let us march onward in faith.

In Jesus,

Greg Alberts

Pastoral Intern, St. Jude, Joliet

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