Fr. Peter Jarosz


Earlier today, the parish learned of some news regarding the condition of Fr. Peter Jarosz, pastor of St. Ann in Channahon, who says mass for us on Tuesdays to cover Father Michael’s day off.

St. Ann’s has released the following statement: “Father Peter Jarosz was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday, April 7. Upon his arrival, he was tested for COVID-19. That test was negative. As his condition improved, Father was to be released. On Easter Sunday, after a setback, a second COVID-19 test was administered to ensure he had not contracted the virus in the hospital. That test is still pending. Father continues to improve and the family asks for prayers at this time.”

Please continue to pray for Fr. Peter. We also ask that, for the sake of Fr. Peter, his family, and his parishioners, that any and all information related to his condition be taken from his parish’s website ( so as to prevent any speculation. Rest assured that we will keep you posted!

We also ask that Fr. Peter’s privacy be respected in this difficult and, no doubt, frightening time.

We invite you to pray a Memorare at 6:00pm this evening for Fr. Peter, his recovery from whatever ails him, and an end to COVID-19.

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